Tonight (Tursday 3rd July) Bleep Test - 6.35pm - Front field at South Hill Park

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Bleep Test - 6.35pm - Front field at South Hill Park. Free to enter, I'll post up results here and in the Forum on the BFR Site

• The test is progressive in difficulty

• Each 20m is called a shuttle. 

• The shuttles are repeated a number of times within a level 

• With each level the time between the beeps is shortened. 

• There are twenty-five levels. 


• Initially, you run slowly from one line to the next. 

• You must judge the pace so as to put one foot on or beyond the line as the beep sounds. 

• If you arrive at the end of the shuttle before the beep sounds you must wait to hear it before proceeding. 

• When the you can no longer keep up the required pace, by arriving at the line after the beep you withdraw. You are allowed three attempts to regain the pace before doing so, once you are back on pace, you're out next time - Sorry!. 

• After finishing, warm down and stretch


I'll bring the stereo, cones and enthusiasm - Bring yourselves and some drinks.Mike