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Next Track Session

All members are encouraged to take part in our track training sessions. Obviously some members will be moving around the track faster than others so do pay attention to those around you. In particular when you are in recovery mode, moving slowly or indeed walking please do so in lanes 3 to 6 leaving lanes 1 and 2 for those moving at speed. For safety reasons headphones are prohibited.

24 Jan 2018
(A) (B) (C) Timed pyramid all groups


BFR Newsletter 17.01.2018

Hi Team,

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BFR Newsletter 11.01.2018

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Winter distance training week 2

 Sub 3 – 13 miles Meeting at the sports centre car park on Saturday 9:am Lead by Simon Brown

3:30 - 12 miles meeting at Alan Streets House Binfield at 9:00am on Saturday (coffee after in Binfield coffee shop)

Sub 4 - 10 miles meeting at Crowthorne outside Lidl at 8:30am on Saturday lead by Deena

4:30 - Alan Bent leading 12 miles on the Friday night (12th Jan) at 6pm sports centre main car park

Sub 5 - Andy Pitts leading 14 miles (with an 8 and 6 mile loop) on Sunday at the sports centre 8am

BFR Newsletter 03.01.2018

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Winter distance training

Winter distance training starts Sunday 7th January
All groups will meet at Bracknell sports centre in the main car park at 9am. You don't have to be training for a marathon to take part
Sub 3 group will be doing 10 miles at 8mm lead by Simon Brown
3:30 group will be doing 8 miles at 9mm lead by Alan Street
Sub 4 group will be doing 8 miles at 9:30mm lead by Deena Robinson
4:30 group will be doing 10 miles at 10mm lead by Alan Bent
Sub 5 group will be doing 10 miles at 11:30mm lead by Catherine Hannan

BFR Newsletter 28.12.2017

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28th Dec - Friday - 10am, social 9mm run for 60 minutes starting  from the Sports centre main car park (There will no be a Friday night run this week)

Cheers, Mike


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