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Next Track Session

All members are encouraged to take part in our track training sessions. Obviously some members will be moving around the track faster than others so do pay attention to those around you. In particular when you are in recovery mode, moving slowly or indeed walking please do so in lanes 3 to 6 leaving lanes 1 and 2 for those moving at speed. For safety reasons headphones are prohibited.

21 Mar 2018
A&B only Anaerobic and aerobic training. Group C:


Forest Five Open For Entries

Our annual Forest Five Race will be held on Wednesday 20th June starting at 7:30pm

We did sell out last year so if you want to take part get your entry in sooner rather than later!

Enter here:


We will be looking for marshals and helpers nearer the time

This weeks track session 21st March

As many races have been cancelled this week you can save your energy for Wednesday nights sessions

Group C will be doing a hill session with Wendy Sharp leading the group as per group C runners requests

Groups A & B will have the opportunity to do the following track session

21 Mar 2018 - A&B only Anaerobic and aerobic training.

Group A and B session

Group warm up
2 laps easy pace
4x200m maximum effort with 200m jog recovery
4 minutes rest
1 lap easy
2x500m effort maximum pace with 300 jog recovery
2x300m effort at maximum pace with 500m recovery
4 minutes rest
1 lap easy
4x 200m maximum effort with 200m jog recovery
2 laps cool down
Total time allowed 40 minutes

Stretching to finish

BFR Newsletter 16.03.2018

Hi Team,

Latest newsletter can be found here

Winter Distance Training Week 11

  • 4:00 group 13 miles on Saturday 9am starting at Tesco Wokingham (Rachel is doing 22 so there is an option to do a longer run with her if anyone wants)
  • Alan Bent is away doing the Grizzly (In the snow potentially!) so his group is not running this weekend
  • No other groups have leaders. If you do wish to lead a group, please let our coaching team know

Winter Distance Training + Newsletter

Hi Team

  • 4:30 group - Alan Bent will be leading 18 miles from longhill car park on Sunday  at 8.30 

Additonally, our latest newsletter can be found here

Thanks Team! Happy (Safe!) Running

Wednesday 28th February track session cancelled

Hello everyone we have decided that given the current inclement weather conditions to cancel the track session tomorrow evening. There will however be a run into the lookout with a headtorch starting from the trackside carpark at 7pm, this will be led by Mike at 8mm and Jonathon at 9mm but other speeds can be arranged if we have run leaders.
We hope you appreciate the situation and understand the safety issues of running round the icy track in Baltic winds
****Update the 9mm group will meet in the Lookout carpark in the usual Sunday morning location for 7pm start****
Alan Faubel will also be leading a group and will be starting in the track car park and doing a road run between 11:30 to 12:30Mm

BFR Newsletter - BFR of the week / WHM / Distance Training

Hi Team,

Latest Newsletter can be found here

Many thanks, and Happy Running!

This weeks WDT

Winter distance training week 8
Sub 3 – Simon Brown Sunday 10am - 18 Miles (8min/mile first half then second half at marathon pace)
Leaving from Wokingham, contact simon for details

3:30 – Alex Tabb leading 16 miles on the sunday 9am Sports centre car park

Sub 4 –Deena Robinson Leading 17 miles on the Saturday 8:30 outside Tesco Meadows (9 miles easy then 8 miles at marathon pace)

4:30 - Alan Bent leading 17 miles on the Sunday 8:30 Sports centre car park

Sub 5 – Catherine Hannan Leading 8 miles on the sunday 8am from long hill car park

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