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Next Track Session

All members are encouraged to take part in our track training sessions. Obviously some members will be moving around the track faster than others so do pay attention to those around you. In particular when you are in recovery mode, moving slowly or indeed walking please do so in lanes 3 to 6 leaving lanes 1 and 2 for those moving at speed. For safety reasons headphones are prohibited.

03 May 2017
(A+B+C) Valley of Speed


BFR Newsletter 27.04.2017

Hi Team,

As we update the mailing lists for the new year of subscriptions, the email list is a bit fluid, so please see the newsletter link below if you do not get the email sent today


Thanks, Mike and your Committee



2017 AGM Agenda - Final Version

Bracknell Forest Runners AGM – Agenda Final Version  17/04/17

Wednesday 19th April 2017 7:30pm Start

Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Peacock Lane, Bracknell, RG40

In order for the meeting to take place there must be a
quorum of 25% of the club membership – as such all members will be asked to
sign in and numbers will be checked prior to commencement of the meeting

1: Apologies for Absence – Niki Felton

2: Adoption of Last Year’s Minutes – Niki Felton

3: Matters Arising from 2016 Minutes – Niki Felton

4: Chairman’s report – Mike Sankey

5: Treasurers report – Rebecca Duffett

6: Request for Auditor of next year’s accounts – Mike Sankey

7: Membership Subscriptions Increase – Mike Sankey

8: Election of the committee for the coming year – Any
members who wish to stand for any role on the committee and have not made their
intentions know prior to the day of the AGM will need to be nominated and
seconded by two present members of the club .

Chair – Mike Sankey wishes to re stand for the
role – if no one else wishes to stand then Mike will be elected Chairman

Secretary – Niki Felton wishes to re stand for
the role – if no one else wishes to stand then Niki will be elected Secretary

Vice Chair – Adrian Tansley does not  wish to re stand for the role – Robin Briscoe
has put himself forward  for the role, if
no one else wishes to stand Robin will be elected Vice Chair

Treasurer – Rebecca Duffett does not wish to re
stand for the role – Carol Brombley and Helen Coulthard and Nicky Weeks have
both put themselves forward for the role, an anonymous vote will be cast by all
members present between these two and any further candidates wishing to stand
for the role by writing their preferred candidate’s name on a  nomination form

Membership Secretary – Jonathon Errington wishes
to re stand for the role – if no one else wishes to stand then Jonathon will be
elected membership secretary

Ex Officio Members –  Naomi Aitken 
does not wish to re stand for committee this year. Alex Tabb, Helen
Johnson, Nigel Jackson, Deena Robinson and all wish to re stand for ex officio
roles. Additionally Emma Inman and Hannah Bint have expressed their wishes to
stand for ex officio roles and any other club members who wish t are invited to
stand as well – an anonymous vote will be cast by all members present. Each
member will be able to vote for up to 5 ex officio’s for the new committee by
writing their names on a voting form

9: A change to the club constitution for nomination of
committee members – Alan Street . Note that due to the fact that this was not
proposed with the required 4 weeks’ notice stated in the constitution it will
come into effect for next year’s AGM if agreed by the club.

10. A point to raise to all club members from Danny Johns
regarding new members

There will be no ‘any other business’ at the AGM.  Additionally in a change to previous years no
awards will be presented at the AGM – instead this year they will be presented
at our awards night on 20th May


Drinks after in the bar! Please stay and meet your new
committee J

Friday Runs

It's finally summer! (Well, British Summertime)

Friday runs as of next week (14th April) are back at The Lookout, 6pm

Membership fees

I have just sent out an email about membership fees being due if you have any questions then please contact me at this email



Monday night groups

8mm - Jonathon Errington
8:30 – Simon Bennison
9mm –Alan Street
10mm - Alan Bent...
11mm –Andy Pitts
12mm - Alan Faubel
Run/walk - Linda Rayman

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