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Next Track Session

All members are encouraged to take part in our track training sessions. Obviously some members will be moving around the track faster than others so do pay attention to those around you. In particular when you are in recovery mode, moving slowly or indeed walking please do so in lanes 3 to 6 leaving lanes 1 and 2 for those moving at speed. For safety reasons headphones are prohibited.

28 Sep 2016
400m Efforts / Hills


Monday Night Groups

Monday Night Groups


Run/Walk - Linda Rayman

12/13mm - Andy Pitts

11mm - tba

10mm - Alan Bent or Alexandra Perrior

9mm - Deena Robinson

8.30mm - Mike Sankey

7.30mm - Jonathon Errington 

A rather inspirational and very brave young lady

I invite you all to spend a few minutes reading this blog which is written by one of our members Sinead Mowatt.

Shes rather inspirational and very brave and strong - as well as being a pretty frickin awesome runner!


Will be rooting for her in London next year!


Mme Sec Eye-wink

The 401st Marathon – VIRTUAL CHALLENGE

Hey all

So I have been trying to think of a suitable 10k route for
us to use as a social run on the 8th October for a virtual 401st
that isn’t constricted by differing paces and have come up with the following

Do Bracknell parkrun as normal at 9am, have a break for cake
and coffee (in true Ben Smith style) and then repeat the three lap course after
the official parkrun is over.

This will mean that it doesn’t matter what your pace is we
can still all do it together J

It’s not officially linked to parkrun and it’s purely a
social run but I wanted to offer club members and their friends and families
the opportunity to ‘Run with Ben’ for the 401st marathon. I’ll take
some pictures and send them to Ben and the 401 team (I have invited Ben to join
us but I’m thinking he might fancy his first Saturday off running for over a

In usual parkrun style you can run, walk, jog, crawl, push a
buggy, bring a dog, wear fancy dress whatever you like. All you have to do if
you want to get the 401st marathon bling is to register for the
virtual event with etchrock and then log your run on the site afterwards – your
medal and goodie bag will then come in the post!

See below the link to the etchrock site to register for the
virtual challenge


Anyone can register to run the virtual challenge  – adults, children even dogs!  and everyone who registers and completes
either 10k, half marathon or full marathon between 2nd and 9th
October will get a medal

Regsitration costs £26.20 and all profits go straight to
Stonewall and Kidscape

So there’s three things you need to do:

1: Register

2: Turn up on the day (bring cake!)

3: Log your run and get your medal

Excited to get together with everyone and celebrate Ben’s
awesome achievement



Mme Sec  ;-)

Wednesday night road run




Andy Pitts is leading tomorrows road run, the plan is an hour @ 11/12mm pace looping back to track. Followed by an additional 30 mins for the enthusiastic.


WARNING Health and Safety information included in this news item

It’s going to come at you when you least expect it, you’ll
be happily reading along and enjoying my witty banter and all of a sudden it
will jump out at you BAM…… when will it come? Nobody knows!

The current order for Hooded tops close this Friday (23rd
September) PLEASE get in touch with Mike before Friday if you want one chair@bracknell-forest-runenrs.org.uk  they are great for pre and post race warmth!!

And if you want a race to premier your beautiful green
jumper at - It’s nearly XC time!!! 13th November sees the start of
the Winter TVXC league. I just LOVE XC – it’s a great opportunity to for all of
our club members to get together and enjoy some hills and mud! There’s also
cake LOTS OF CAKE!! First race of the season is at Datchet and we will also be
having a beverage (or ten??!) post race at the King and Castle in Windsor –
very short walk from the course.

Full fixture list for TVXC 2016/17 is available on our races
page here http://www.forestrunners.org.uk/events/races

Also giving an early shout and a request from the Race
Director (Adrian Tansley) and Course Director (Nigel Jackson) for our home
event for Marshals and helpers as well as food offerings for the post race
buffet. Please put this in your diary for 15th January 2017 and get
partners, parents, siblings, friends, dogs or even just random strangers to
come and lend a hand on the day – TELL THEM THERE IS CAKE LOTS OF CAKE! All
joking aside we only just had enough helpers on the day last year as everyone
just didn’t realise how many people it takes to put on an event like this so
PLEASE if you don’t like mud and hills to run in then PLEASE come along and
lend a hand on the day – did I mention there is cake??!!

More info about the TVXC races will be passed on as we
approach the season but the club pays your entry fees so they are totally free
for you all to take part. You can bring along guest runners who don’t have to
be club members as well but they have to pay a whole £1 – the club only
subsidises guests partly Eye-wink

This Friday sees Ben Smith return to Berkshire to run
marathon number 389 of 401 – Fancy coming along? Car sharers meet at the Sports
centre at 8:50am to allow for Friday morning traffic. Start is in Woodley – pay
and display parking is £4 for the whole day. Please bring cash for lunch and sufficient
nutrition and hydration for the distance you plan to run. I have some route – message
me for more info.

It’s Monday so the usual road run will be going out tonight –
meet in near the all weather pitches in the car park at the sports centre to be
split into pace groups – please remember to stand at the side in  a parking space rather than in the middle of
the road – it is a busy car park and people do like to whizz in at rather high
speeds. Also if you’re driving there’s nothing more annoying that a group of
people standing in your way when it’s a CAR PARK not a people standing around
chatting and getting in the way park! See what I did there? Just slipped in a bit
of health and safety – did you even notice??!!

Darker evenings  means
that the Friday night run will move from it’s summer home at the lookout back to
the sports centre for meeting purposes for road rather than trail runs in a  couple of weeks – but we’ll remind you of
that again closer to the time. Please remember to wear Hi vis clothing when running
in the evenings – the Friday night runs moves location due to the nights drawing
in and it’s so important that drivers can see you when you are running. BOOM
health and safety notice number two!!!

Championship tables have been updated following the turnout
of what I am referring to as an ‘elite few’ to Tadley 10 mile yesterday – see updated
tables here http://www.forestrunners.org.uk/events/championship

Paul Herbet was first man home in 01:00:26 he was also 6th
overall in the race and Laura Readings was our first lady home in 01:19:55 she
was also 6th lady which catapulted her to the top of the FSEN
category in the championship standings. Distance PB’s were posted by Emmajane
Inman, Sophie West and Julie Atkin – congrats ladies! And Cathy Owen and
Martine Thompson put in a sterling performance as well considering they used it
as part of their distance training and did an 8 mile ‘warm up’!! All still to
play for in the Club Championship but if you haven’t’ posted a 10k time yet (or
indeed want to try and improve on your previous 10k performance) the LAST 10k
race for points is approaching on Sunday 2nd October. The O2O 10k
takes place in Reading and entries are open (subject to race capacity) until this
Sunday 25th September so get your entry in sharpish!!!

I understand from the magical font of all knowledge that is Facebook
that lots of members too part in half marathons and 10ks as well this past
weekend – congratulations to you all I hope that you are all pleased with your performances
and that you got a medal – we got a rather nicely engraved glass paperweight at
Tadley – like I said it’s rather nice but it’s NOT a medal!!! Means I have to
put a shelf on the wall above my medal hanger!!

And that’s about it from us for this week.

As always stay safe whilst you are running – look after each
other and stay visible (couldn’t resist the last health and safety bit!!)


Mme Sec Eye-wink and the Committee Members 

The Latest Championship standings after 9 races

Here is the link to the latest Championship standings after today's race at Tadley

The Club Championship Standings

2016 Championship Championship Standings after 9 races

Friday Night Run

Friday Night Run

And right on cue, at the first mention of Cross Country, you have an opportunity to prepare for the forthcoming season.

3 groups tonight.

8.30mm - Jonathon Errington

9.30mm - Alexandra Perrior

11/12mm - Callum David Cooper

18.00 from The Lookout, if it's still there, as usual.

Have fun, I suspect trail shoes may be the order of the day.


Cross Country Provisional Dates

Here are the provisional dates for this seasons Cross Country series.

13/11/16 - Datchet Dashers
20/11/16 - Sandhurst Joggers
4/12/16 - Handy Cross
11/12/16 - Metros (subject to change)
18/12/16 - Reading Roadrunners
15/01/17 US !!!!!! Make sure this date goes in your Diary. We will need helpers as well as runners.
22/01/17 - Tadley
05/02/17 - TV Triathlon


The latest Championship standings

The Club Championship Standings

2016 Championship Championship Standings after 8 races

These are the latest standings as calculated by Becca

Don't forget The Tadley 10 this weekend is a championship event

Monday Night Groups

Monday night groups.

As the nights are drawing in, it's time to start looking for the hi viz tops you'd relegated to the back of your kit draw.

As always we leave at 18.45, promptly, from behind the leisure centre, please try and arrive a few minutes early.

Run / Walk - Linda Rayman

12/13 mm - Andy Pitts

11 mm Niki Felton

10 mm Alan Bent

9 mm Emmajane Inman

8.30 mm Deena Robinson

7.30 mm Jonathon Errington

Enjoy your run.


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