Time Trial - Mile - 6th February

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Would anyone be interested in running in a mile time trial on the 6th Feb?

4 laps + 9 metres.

Let me know here if you'd like to be on the list - helps us out if we know ahead of the game.

Cheers, Mike (BFR Coaching Team)




  1. Gary Gibbons
  2. Al Street
  3. Simon Bennison
  4. George Mc.
  5. Steve Black


yes please Mike !

yes please Mike !

Time Trial


Please add me to the Mile time trial


Steve Black

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Mile time trial

Mike, I am game for a laugh. Cheers George

Mile time trial



Please put my name down I love time trials

Thank you


Simon Bennison

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mile time trial


Would love to take part as have been looking for another opportunity to time myself over a mile, but sadly I can't make that week Sad