Race Results

Bramley 20 - 17 Feb 2019

No Male Open Class Time for this race.
No Female Open Class Time for this race.

Position Name Category Gun Time Chip Time Wicat Age Adj. Time Perf. Level % Comments
78 Luke Thorn MSEN 02:18:11 02:18:08 - - -
140 Nicki Aitken 02:26:52 02:26:47 star 9 - - Club Record!
229 Denise Robertson F40 02:38:21 02:37:51 star 8 - - Club Record! party
609 Kayleigh Gardner FSEN 03:53:56 03:52:07 - - - party


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c) The race type and distance are valid for Wicat / Age Grading (so for example the Dartmoor Discovery - 33 miles cross country - wouldn't show this information).

If a chiptime and a guntime are both present, Wicat Stars & Age Grading are calculated using the lowest time

Age for Wicat Stars & Age Grading is the age at the end of the year the race took place in - like Bob says - 'We're all like racehorses!'

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party is a PB