Winter Distance Training

There will be five different training schedules graduated on ability; schedule 730 being the most demanding through to schedule 12mm being the least demanding. Group leaders are shown below. 

All training runs are available to all members of Bracknell Forest Runners (BFR) whether or not they are taking part in a marathon or other distance race. Members of other clubs are welcome to join us for these training runs but would have to join BFR as second claim members. Unattached runners can also apply for membership of BFR. BFR is affiliated to England Athletics and so our training runs are covered by relevant EA insurance policies subject to the terms and conditions of those policies.

Please select training runs appropriate to your ability, if in doubt please ask; don’t wreck your chances by over training, especially in the early days. Do ensure that you wear clothing suitable to the distance of the run and conditions and if running at night please wear light coloured clothing, preferably hi-viz or florescent. Bring your own food, drinks, gells etc for consumption during and after each run. You do not have to take part in every run within a group’s schedule. Also you may swap between groups whenever it suits your particular training needs.

The club encourages all members to take part in all 8 Thames Valley Cross Country League races (TVXC) as part of their training schedule irrespective of your ability. The club pays the entry fees for these races for the club’s first and second claim members. NB wearing of club colours is a requirement at all TVXC races. Please refer to the TVXC web site for race dates and other details.

There are many other races available during the training period. We will not be making club entries to these races so you will need to enter races yourself. Details of some of the most popular are available here.


  • 2:50 - 3:25 Group - Training pace 7:30 - 8:00 minute miles with some tempo runs. Leaders Jonathon Errington, Simon Brown and John Burnett
  • 3:30 - 3:45 Group - Training pace 9:00 minute miles. Leaders Alex Perrett and Alan Street
  • 3:50 - 4:00 Group - Training pace 9:30 - 9:45 minute miles. Leader Deena Robinson
  • 4:15 - 4:30 Group - Training pace 10:00 to 10:30 minute miles. Leader Alan Bent
  • Sub 5 hour group - Training pace 11:30 to 12:00 minute miles. Andy Pitts

    In addition to the events and training listed there is the usual club training on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Wednesday club training is on the athletics track; please follow the coaches direction at these sessions. 

    For anyone starting out on their first marathon or for people wanting to learn how to improve their marathon training here is a document which you might like to review. What training a marathon means to you.

    Usual disclaimer of course; the club, its officials and helpers take no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or death as a result of anyone taking part in any training organised by the club or by participating at any of the events detailed.