Wicat Scheme

The Wicat Star Rating Scheme. Colin Smith (BFR coach)


On scrutinising the Results page on our web-site I was aware that there were a number of members who do not make use of the BFR Wicat Scheme, even though their race and time trial results are recorded. This is an excellent means by which people can improve their performances, and I cannot recommend it enough. To use the scheme click onto the Age Grading link, then click the Star Ratings/Wicat link to get a table of times for gender and age; this contains star ratings for different times – the faster the time – the higher the star rating. Choose a realistic set of times for four races or track times; these should all be of the same star rating. Times will be recorded on the Results page in the usual way, but will now have the star rating set against them. At the AGM members who participated in the Wicat scheme receive a well earned cloth badge for sowing onto their running kit. The following year the inclination is to get a higher star rating – thus improving performance.


What people invariably find is that it is difficult to get their last Wicat star time (for example they may have three 6 star times the others are 5 star times), that’s the point of the scheme, it makes you work harder at getting your last star time. If people are struggling to get a final star time just contact me and I can arrange to run extra track time trial sessions, provided that the distances are on the Wicat table of times.  


So for those established members, and more particularly those new members who were not aware of this scheme and who would like to join it, get in touch with our Web-master Mike Raistrick either by going through his web contact process, or just phone him.