TVXC 2017/18 season

Apologies for the delay in updating you all but myself and Nigel attended a meeting with the other clubs in the Thames Valley Cross Country League at the end of April - see below main points discussed that reflect changes to last season:

* Fixtures - The start of the league will be brought forward this season with two races a month for October 17, November 17, December 17, January 17, this is too try and avoid fixture congestion and inteferring with spring marathon training - we hope to have confirmed fixture dates to publish by the end of August.

* We discussed earlier start times for races but it was agreed that given the amount of time it takes in the morning to set up an event and the distance travelled by some clubs that the league will continue with the 11am start time for all races next season

* Headphones (including bone conductors) will be banned from ALL TVXC fixtures, any runner found to be using headphones of any kind during a race will be disqualified

* Race fees have been increased to £3 per race for affilliated club members and £4 for guests (this does not make a difference to BFR members as the club pays your entry fees)

* Car sharing - most venues struggle with capacity for car parking so all clubs have agered that a car sharing programme will be used for every race with a designated meeting point for members to meet andcar share - this is to be organised by each club

* All clubs that host fixtures are confident that they can put their fixtures on next season - the plan is for the following clubs to host each month Oct 17 - TVT and Metros, Nov 17 - Datchet and Sandhurst, Dec 17 Handy Cross and Reading, Jan 18 Bracknell And Tadley

If anyone has an questions about the TVXC league please feel free to drop me an email

Excited to get muddy with you all again this season



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