The Splendiferous BFR Summer Social

So here we have the 3rd round of 2013's social events!

In order to break the theme of just another boozy night, I'm adding a session of go-karting Smiling...followed by another boozy night Eye-wink

The date is yet to be confirmed, but I'm looking towards the end of August.  once I have an idea of who's interested I will confirm dates/times etc.

As always everyone is welcome and this is a great way for new members to meet the rest of us Smiling. It will also prove we're not just single minded running nuts!  You don't have to come to both.

I just need numbers and most likely a deposit at some point.

The karting looks as though it will cost around £35 for 2 x 15min sessions.

I will keep you posted party peeps...