Running in the Dark - Staying safe, being seen.

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The nights are drawing in, and it won’t be long until the evening runs are in the dark, but there’s no reason to hang up those running trainers until next spring. The most important thing you can do is to stay safe, and be seen.

There’s lots of ways you can make yourself more visible to passing motorists, while still enjoying your run

Many brands now offer a range of reflective bright clothing, this is ideal for being seen while crossing roads and on darker less well lit lanes. Most sport stores will stock a range of shirts and jackets, with armbands and wristbands being readily available

Carrying a small torch or wearing a headlight will not only alert your presence to other runners, but also aid your footing when the streetlights are not as bright as you may want them, and to be more visible, you can get find flashing armbands and clip on lights - While you may feel like a Christmas tree, it’s for your own safety!.

Let someone know you’re going out if you’re running by yourself, wear an ID bracelet, or carry some form of identification, and if you suffer from any medical conditions, a laminated card listing these and any allergies will come in vital if there’s any problems out on your run.

Most of all, look both ways when crossing roads, and try and run towards traffic if there is no pavement, and of course, enjoy your run!.