Possible tweaking of Club Championship??


I know the topic of the club champs has been talked about before. I believe this was largely to do with whether the concept of the champs is right in determining the best runners in the club. I am not going to go over old ground because personally I think the champs is a great idea and has forced me to run races that I wouldn't normally race in and so has increased my enjoyment of racing massively. For those that enjoy cycling, the Green points jersey in the Tour de France is not always won by the fastest sprinter but the rider that is most consistent over the 3 weeks of the race.

But I was wondering whather there was some tweeking of the scoring that could increase the participation / enjoyment. The first thing I propose is to increase the number of races in the champs. Many people currently struggle to do 4 out of 10 so why don't we add some more races? I would suggest a 5k (don't know which one but it does prove flexibility of a runner), another 5 miler (woodland 5 and Marlow 5) and maybe another half (possibly a hilly one to compliment Wokingham - Henley or Wycombe??).

Then you could also change the scoring to a non-linear system to distinguish better between the faster runners - 35 for 1st, 30 for 2nd, 26 for 3rd, 23 for 4th, 21 for 5th, 20 for 6th and then down in ones from then on. Then maybe you could get extra points (10??) for a PB or extra for running more than 6 races?? - just ideas. I realise that this is more admin but I think it could be easily managed by one willing volunteer (I would be happy).

Anyway - just thought I'd chuck some ideas in the ring. Any thoughts?


Champs changes


Fully agree with the idea of age related awards. If it helps, I am currently in a 'virtual' competition at work that has 3 different competitions in one;

1) Participation. Points are awarded every time you race with more points going to longer events. Also you get bonus points for doing your 5th, 10th, 15th event etc.

2) Age related. Just as the WiCat works. It is your average performance level across your best 3 races of the year

3) Virtual track meet. Which is basically the fastest times at any given distance. 30 for first, 29 for second etc.

Currently we have 50 teams from across the globe in the competition with 6 participants each (currently 1200 races run this year!), which just shows how popular something well thought out can be. I am not proposing something quite as complex as this but it is all food for thought.

I also support the 3000m idea on the track! Just purely to see how much I could lose by.


Club Championship

The number of races has varied a bit over the years, and adding a number of shorter runs, including a 5K would encourage more people to enter.  And why not one at the track, to give the "sprinters" a chance.

Greater point variation might be needed if only 4 races count,  perhaps worth reviewing at the end of this season.

The fastist runner in the club, if they do the races does generally win the award.

This year the champship does seem to have many more people taking part, which is great.  I believe some years, specially the ladies very few actually do the four races.  Perhaps this is the power of the web site.

It would be nice to have enought people doing the 4 races to introduce some "age related" awards as well. Although perhaps that is covered by the witcats.

John Roberts