Hogs Back Brewery Visit

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Hi team,
Brewery Tour - 6th October

£26.18 Each for Transport + Tour


Bracknell Train Station, Market Street, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1HX

Hogs Back Brewery Ltd Manor Farm, The Street, Tongham, Surrey. GU10 1DE

This is approximately 17 miles, and around 25 minutes travel time

We will be looking to arrive at the Brewery at around 2pm, so please be at the station at 1pm.

We will be picked up from the Brewery at around 6.30pm and dropped back at the station.

  1. Mike Sankey (PAID)
  2. Dani Sankey (PAID)
  3. Becky Atkinson (PAID)
  4. Becky A OH (PAID)
  5. Gary Gibbons (PAID)
  6. Kendra Hughes  (PAID)
  7. Jez Hall (PAID)
  8. Michael Pleasants (PAID)
  9. Naomi Davidson (PAID)
  10. Al Street
  11. Chris Hine (PAID)
  12. Nigel Jackson (PAID)
  13. Alison Jackson (PAID)
  14. NJ Guest (PAID)
  15. NJ Guest 2 (PAID)
  16. Paul Butler
  17. Patrick Slaughter (PAID)
  18. Jim Skelt (PAID)