Heart Screening and Running Health

Following a Facebook post by Andy Pitts regarding two incidents of cardiac arrest at GSR last weekend it was suggested that the club could provide a heart screening event for it's members.

I investigated this possibility and found the cost to be £7500 to test 100 people - we would also need to provide a venue with five rooms to facilitate the screening and they will only test people aged between 14 and 35, so unfortunately this is not something that we have the funds or administrative capacity to organise.

HOWEVER - if you are concerned about underlying heart conditions and wish to arrange to have a test yourself there are two options detailed below:

Individual appointments (which will be free of charge, unless otherwise stated) can be booked at any of their clinics which are open to the general public, the current list is on their website: www.testmyheart.org.uk

You can also speak to your GP - I had an ECG last year at my local surgery which i requested as I have a much higher than average heart rate when exercising. All results were normal Smiling

If you have any concerns about your health in relation to running please consult your GP at the earliest available opportunity


Mme Sec and your committee