The Great BFR knees-up!!


I see the last time someone posted a social suggestion here was 3 years ago! Well my aim is to change that!!

There has been an increase in the social activities of club members and to avoid the usual boys vs girls conflicts (because we know who would win!! Eye-wink), a number of us thought we'd organise something for everyone.

So far we have a confirmed date of Easter Friday (29/03). I was thinking Pizza (obviously for the carb intake), followed by pub/club (obviously for fluid intake).

The main aim is a great night with great company and the more the merrier Smiling. Plus if it's a success, i'm happy to organise more adventurous outings.

I do need to know numbers, so please post here if you're game.

Cheers, Simon 

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Re The Great BFR knees-up

Should go without saying - I'll be there.

What better way to recover from the Maidenhead 10 Smiling