Friday Hill Sessions

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Good Evening Team,

In our coaches meeting we are devloping the idea of an option of a hill set on a Friday night.

The set would be running conservatively to a local hill, completing a number of different reps, and returning within the hour, ending with stretches.

The set would be led by one of your coaching team, and provsionally would be offered every other Friday

Due to the nature of the set, we can accomodate any pace runner between 7-9 minute mile for the set, as it is based around a certain hill(s) once you get there

Is there any interest?

yup! i'm in. after beachy

yup! i'm in. after beachy head last year i definately need more hill sets. 

Hill session

Hi Mike, I would be interested in trying a hill set. Cheers  Steve Black

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Hi Becca, For now we are

Hi Becca,

For now we are aiming at Fridays - Sundays at the Lookout are naturally hilly, monday is recovery, and we'd like to keep people at the track on wednesday.

Thanks for the input both

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Hill Training

I think this is a good idea but should be optional.  There will be some, as Becca indicated, who would prefer a normal run and we would accomodate this.

Hill training

I would be interested in specific hill training.

Is the night this happens on open for discussion at all? Just thinking that Fridays may not be best with winter distance training on Saturday for me personally.

Thanks, Becca