Bounders Relay

The Bounders Relay is held on the third Tuesday of July each year in the woods close to Broadmoor Hospital with a start time of 7:00PM.

The relay consists of 4 laps of a course of approximately 2 to 2.25 miles in distance.  Each lap starts and finishes at the same point.  Care should be exercised during the run as the surface is somewhat uneven and there will be exposed roots etc., possibly some mud and some raised ironworks for utilities.

Teams can be single or mixed sex with a minimum age of 16.  Each team must include a vet i.e. a lady aged 35 or over, or a man aged 40 or over.  We encourage teams from companies, groups of friends etc. in addition to running clubs.  Typically there are some 40 to 50 teams each year.

Team managers should drop an e-mail to the Race Organiser of Bracknell Forest Runners to advise how many teams (roughly) each club or organisation will have so that as much admin as possible is accomplished prior to the night. There is plenty of space for car parking alongside the start.

Prizes are awarded to:

  • The first male team
  • The first female team
  • The first mixed sex team
  • The first team that is not from a running club 

Prize giving will be held immediately after the last competitor has completed the race.

Goodie bags will be supplied to each team which will include bottled water and some type of confectionery or cereal bar.

Prior year results are available as follows: