BFR - Track Session 29th November Details

Hi Team,

Just a quick update regarding Wednesday’s Guest rack session led by Martin Yelling.

Track session is for the 50 NAMED runners only, that were drawn at random the weekend (You will have been messaged by Niki Felton)

Road runs will be available for all others pace depending on leaders – If you wish to lead a place please message Niki via

We have confirmed leaders for 40 minutes Road Run, starting at 7pm, at the following paces


  • 12 mm
  • 11 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 9 mm


Jon Errington will be leading a Fartlek road session for Group A, starting same time

All members are then invited to the Q&A from 8pm across the road at the Church Hall 

Address - Easthampstead Baptist Church Hall, We would like to start as close to 8.00pm as possible. Refreshments will be provided.

Thanks, Your BFR Committee