BFR Hooded Tops - Order #6

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Price will be £24.60 each.

Sizes are XS,S,M,L,XL

You get 2 characters on the front, and 10 on the rear (Can be upper and lower case)

I will take all the details, and when we reach 10 (minimum order) I will ask for money, to be paid to the club. Ideally by bank transfer to the club account (see details on the About Us page), or cheque to Bracknell Forest Runners


  1. Caroline Worn (Size M, CW on front, Caroline on back)  (Paid)
  2. Tina Willis (Size M, TW on front, Tina on back) (Paid)
  3. Tracy Mogridge (Size M, TM on front, Tracy on back) (Paid)
  4. Jez Hall (Size L, JH on front, Jez on back)  (Paid)
  5. Alan Collard (Size L, AC on front, Alan on back) (Paid)
  6. Denise Gilder (Size M, DG on front, Denise on back)  (Paid)
  7. Tracy Tierney (Size L, TT on front, Nothing on back) (Paid)
  8. Georgine Readings (Size L, GR on front, George on back) (Paid)
  9. James Dare (Size L, JD on front, DARE2DO on back)  (Paid)
  10. Sandra Lomas (Size L, SL on front, Sandra on back) (Paid)
  11. Adrian Luscombe (Size XL, AL on front, Luscombe on back)  (Paid)
  12. Andy Taylor (Size M, AJ on front, Taylor on back)  (Paid)
  13. Zoe Grove (Size M, ZO on front, ChJeSoAl on back) (Paid)
  14. Andrew Chaplin (Size M, AC on front, Chaplin on back) (Paid)
  15. Vanessa Hemmi (Size S, VH on front, Hemmi on back) (Paid)
  16. Graham E Carr (Size L, GC on front, Graham on back) (Paid)
  17. Cindy Holland (Size S, CH on front, Cinders on back) (Paid)
  18. Catherine Thorin (Size M, CT on front, Catherine on back) (Paid)
  19. Johnny Sefton (Size XL, JS on front, Johnny on back) (Paid)