BFR Hooded Tops - Order #2

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Hello Folks,

Hello Folks,
The order for the hooded tops is now finialised. Please find your details below.

If incorrect PLEASE let me know quickly.

Please pay by cheque to Bracknell Forest Runners or online transfer to the club account (Details on the About Us page).

Please let me know if you have paid online
Cheques can be handed to any committee member, just please let me know via email that you have given a cheque to someone.
I will confirm when we have recieved all payments, and will bring the tops along to the track when finished.

* = Paid (Confirmed)

  1. Mike Sankey (Small, MS, Sankey)*
  2. Al Street (L, ABS, Big Al)*
  3. Steve Faulkner (Large, SF, Good for Age)*
  4. Derek Smith (Large, DS, - )*
  5. Paul Wilson (XL, PW, YIDO)*
  6. Louise Foster (Small, LF, Louise)*
  7. Kirstie (Small, KMC, One Pace) *
  8. Deke (Medium, DP, No1 Dragon) *
  9. James (Small, JW, J-Dubya) *
  10. Amanda Kiely (Medium, AK, AJ Kiely) *
  11. Patrick Slaughter (L, PJS, SLAUGHTER)
  12. Rita Hobbs (Small, RH, Rita)*
  13. Jamie Owen (Small, JO, TBC)*
  14. Lucy Brentnall (Medium, LB, Run Easy)*
  15. Steve Corley (Large, SC, Eat My Dust)*
  16. David Bayle (L, DB, Dave Bayle)*

" = Cash/Cheque Rec'd

  1. Denise Robertson (Small, DR, Robertson)''
  2. Catherine Robertson (Medium, CR, Robertson)''
  3. Patricia Comper (Small, PC, Pat Comps)''
  4. Cliff McBride (Large, CM, Cliff)''
  5. Julie Atkin (Medium, JA, Julie)''
  6. Linda Rayman (Medium,-,-) (SShirt)
  7. Adrian Tansley (XL, AT, Ade)
  8. Louise Smith (Small, LS, Louise)

Payment Outstanding

  1. Anita Bowden (Small, AB, Anita)
  2. Thanks, Mike & Deena