BFR Hooded Tops

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Hi Team,

Folks, got lots of hooded tops to give out, will bring the whole box this Wednesday, but after that I will only bring individual tops by request, not going to cart the box to every run I go on.

  • All 4 item will be embroidered
  • 2 Letter initials on front right 
  • Bracknell Forest Runners on back 
  • BFR Logo on front
  • 10 Personalised characters on rear, Upper & Lower-case characters available
  • For sizing, see below

Size - Chest (To Fit)
XS - 34, S - 36, M - 40, L - 44, XL - 48, XXL - 52

Small Top

Pit to hem 15'', Pit to Cuff 18'', Pit to Pit 19'', Shoulder to Hem 23.5''


Pit to hem 16'', Pit to Cuff 18'', Pit to Pit 20'', Shoulder to Hem 26''

For info. or questions - email to, speak to me in person, or post below

(-) Means the field will be left blank

(TBC) Mean ‘To be confirmed’

Top colour below

Number / Name (Initials on front) Size (Rear printing)


Aaron C (AC) L (Aaron C)   AC L Aaron C
Angela Thorpe (AT) M (ANGELA)***Confirmed*** AT M Angela
Carolyn Bell (CB) M (-)   CB M -
Colin Latham (CL) XL (COLIN)***Confirmed*** CL XL Colin
Ed Rees (ER) M (Rees)***Confirmed*** ER M Rees
Gerry Dance (GD) L (GERRY) ***Confirmed*** GD L GERRY
Jenny Griffiths (JG) M (Dr Jen) ***Confirmed*** JG M Dr Jen
Joanne Hart (JH) S (YogaWithJo)***Confirmed*** JH S YogaWithJo
Joanne Wakeling (JO) M (-) ***Confirmed*** JO M -
Kath Coveney (KC) M (-)***Confirmed*** KC M -
Kath Cox (KC) M (Kath) KC M Kath
Lee Brant (LB) L (Branty)***Confirmed*** have cheque LB L Branty
Marc Price (MP) L (Marc Price)***Confirmed*** MP L Marc Price
Martin Swan (MS) M (-)  ***Confirmed*** MS M -
Nigel Cowan (NC) L (COWAN) NC L COWAN
Ruth Powell (RP) S (Ruthie) ***Confirmed*** RP S Ruthie
Sandra Bisharah (SB) M (Sandra) SB M Sandra
Stephen Balbi (SB) S (UBERBALB)***Confirmed*** SB S UBERBALB
Sue Brown (SC) S (Sue) SC S Sue
Susan Mearman (SM) S (SUSAN) SM S SUSAN
Toni Flint (TF) M (Toni) ***Confirmed*** TF M Toni

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Hi Gerry, payment can either

Hi Gerry, payment can either be by cheque, or online transfer - email me if you'd like to do online transfer and I can pass you A/C details

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Hooded Top

Yep, thats fine thanks Mike.


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Hi Gerry - Added you to the

Hi Gerry - Added you to the list, can you confirm the details I have entered are correct please?

Will be taking payment when I've confirmed all the details

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Hooded Top

Hi Mike,

May I place an order for a top and see you Wednesday or Sunday at the half marathon with payment?

Size: Large

Initials: GD

Characters: GERRY

Many thanks.

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Folks - have a small and

Folks - have a small and medium sample - will bring to as many official BFR meet ups as possible.