BFR Hooded Top Order #9 Sweatpants Order #2

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Hooded Tops - £24.60

Tell me size, front 2 letters, 10 rear characters (state upper/lower case if required).

Sweatpants / Jogging pants / Trousers - £15

In black, with club logo and your choice of 2 initials embroidered in white

Description: Air jet spun yarn for softer feel and anti-pill, Elasticated waistband with drawcord
Twin needle hems / Material: 50% cotton/50% polyester, Fabric weight:280 gsm.

For all details of sizing follow link below please -
Sizes (Waist, Inches - Relaxed / Stretched)

For both - We will close the order at an advertised date, THEN ask for payment, ideally to club account via online transfer 

# Name Size Front Cut Details Checked? Paid How When

1 Scott Marlin M SM MENS Yes Yes
2 Ana Hurtado L AH FEMALE Yes Yes
3 Catherine Hannan 12(TBC) CH FEMALE No No
4 Marie Laffin M ML FEMALE Yes No
5 Katherine Mulholland M KM FEMALE Yes Yes
6 Denise Gilder M DG FEMALE Yes Yes
7 Joanne Wakeling M JW FEMALE No No
8 Callum David Cooper M CC MENS Yes No
9 Mike Sankey M MS FEMALE Yes No
10 Pedro Upton M PU MENS Yes Yes
11 Linda Rayman M LR FEMALE No No

Hooded Top 
# Name Size Front Rear Details Checked? Paid How When

1 Niki Felton L NF FELTZ  Yes Yes
2 Ana Hurtado L AH ANA Yes Yes
3 Danielle Sankey M DS Mrs Sanks Yes Yes
4 Steph Dibbs L SC Steph Yes No
5 Marie Laffin L ML Marie Yes Yes
6 Katherine Mulholland M KM Kat Yes Yes
7 Alex Milne XL AM RedAlex Yes Yes
8 Mike Sankey S MS Coach Mike Yes No
9 Ula Kacprzak S UK ULA No No
10 Martin Reilly M MR Martin Yes Yes
11 Lisa Plummer M LP Lisa Yes No
12 Debbie Layton Winter M DW Debbie Yes No
13 Nicki Aitken M NA Cola Yes Yes
14 Adrian Tansley XL AT Ade Yes No
15 Callum David Cooper L CC Kally Yes No
16 Pedro Upton M PU THE MEXICAN Yes Yes
17 Russell Hill M RH Hill No No
18 Joe Keefe M JK Keefe No No
19 Jack Lewis L TBC Jack No No