BFR Hooded Top - Order #8

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You know the drill - Tell me size, front 2 letters, 10 rear characters (state upper/lower case if required).

We will close the order at a point, then ask for payment, ideally to club account via online transfer - £24.60


  1. Catherine Hannan (Sz M, CH on FR, Catherine on RR)
  2. 2 - Jade Penfold (Sz S, JP on FR, Penfold on RR) (Paid,OLT
  3. 3 - Himanshu Mehrotra (Sz M, HM on FR, Himanshu on RR)
    (Paid,OLT CONFIRM)
  4. 4 - Kirsty Liristis (Sz S, KL on FR, Kirsty of RR)
  5. 5 - Stewart Brooks (Sz M, SB on FR, BROOKS on RR) (Paid,OLT
  6. 6 - Alex Tabb (Sz M, AT on FR, Tabb on RR)
  7. 7 - Scott Marlin (Sz L, SM on FR, Marlin on RR) (Paid,OLT
  8. 8 - Duncan Anderson (Sz S, DA on FR, Duncs on RR)
  9. 9 - Scott Punter (Sz S, SP on FR, SCOTT on RR)
  10. 10 - Gilly Bharath (Sz XXL, GB on FR, Gilly on RR)
    (Paid,pending confirm)
  11. 11 - Sonya Tate (Sz S, SCT on FR, Sonya on RR) (Paid,OLT
  12. 12 - Gary Sheahan (Sz L, GS on FR, Gary on RR)
  13. 13 - Naomi Aitken (Sz XXL, NEA on FR, Naomi on RR) (Paid,OLT
  14. 14 - Lionel Aloe via Patrick Higgins (Sz L, LA on FR,
    nothing on rear)
  15. 15 - Sam Graves (Sz L, nothing on front, 5AM on RR)
    (Paid,OLT CONFIRM)
  16. 16 - Mark Liddiard (Sz M, ML on FR, LIDDIARD on RR)
  17. 17 - David Price (Sz XL, DP on front, Dave Price on RR)
    (Paid,OLT CONFIRM)