BFR Hooded Top - Order #7

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Price will be £24.60 each.

Sizes are XS,S,M,L,XL
You get 2 characters on the front, and 10 on the rear (Can be upper and lower case)
I will take all the details, and when we reach 10 (minimum order)

  1. Gurmail (Gilly) Bharath (Size Medium, GB on front, Gilly on back) (Paid, OLT 22.02)
  2. W. Munday (Size Medium, WM on front, WILL on back) (Paid, OLT 19.02)
  3. P Kilmartin (Size Medium, PK on front, Kilmartin on back) (Paid, OLT 19.02)
  4. M Brock (Size Medium, MB on front, Brocky on back) (Paid, OLT 19.02)
  5. Olivia Sageot (Size Small, OAS on front, Olivia on back) (Paid, OLT 19.02)
  6. TF (Size Large, TF on Front, Tani on Back) (Paid, OLT 22.02)
  7. John Roberts (Size Medium, JR on front, J Roberts on back) (Paid - Cheque)
  8. Anne Roberts (Size Medium, AR on front, A Roberts on back) (Paid - Cheque)
  9. E Papps (Size Medium, EP on front, Pappsie on back) (Paid, OLT 28.01)
  10. M Dowling (Size Small, MD on front, Mo on back) (Paid, OLT 19.01)
  11. T Dowling (Size Medium, TD on front, Tel on back) (Paid, OLT 19.01)
  12. Kelly Faulkner (Size Medium, KF on front, Kelly on back) (Paid, OLT 27.01)
  13. Joanne Wakeling (Size Medium, JO on front, Wakeling on back) (Paid, OLT 12.02)
  14. Simon Brown (Size Medium, SB on front, Simon B on back) (Paid, OLT 28.01)
  15. David Price (Size Large, DP on front, PRICE on back) (Paid - Have cheque)
  16. Steve Mills (Size Medium, SM on front, Steve on back) (Paid, OLT 03.02)