BFR Community Spirit Request

Good morning all

One of our members Gayle Nebbett has been in touch with the Foodbank in Bracknell and then asked if we can put a request out for some food donations.

Of course we can ! So here is that request.

On the week commencing 25th June Gayle and/or I will be at Monday and Wednesday Club meets, we would like to ask for any of the following donations to be dropped off to us:

These are their low stock requirements:

Tinned Veg. Tinned rice pudding. Tinned fruit. Long life sponge puddings. Toilet roll.

Super market vouchers.

Below is the link to the foobank and how it runs. 


No donation is too tin is a help...please can we try and show our Green Army support and being part of our Community and a chance to give something back for no effort at all.

Thanks in advance

Gary Farrell . VC.