AGM - Committee 2015/16

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Hello Club,

The Club AGM is approaching on the 22nd April at 7.30pm.

We are in the envious position of more people wanting to be on the committee than can be accepted. This is great, as it shows the passion and support this club has.

I have thought it best that a brief few words may help you decide who you should vote for, or not vote for - Rather than a vote for you you might know or like!. I hope my fellow candidates can post a few words about themselves.

This is not a personal plea for votes - I urge you to please vote for who you feel would best represent the interests of the club - While I am standing I would rather not be on the committee and see the club best represented, than be on for my own enjoyment or beacuse I want to be.




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Posted across from Facebook

Hi I'm Mike Pleasants.
I have been a member of BFR for 2 years now. I joined following Wokingham Half marathon in 2013. Since joining I have improved as a result of the coaching, advice, competition and support the club provides.
I would like to join the committee to be able to at least give back some of the help, support and time the club has given me over the last 2 years.
I also hope that I can represent the newer members of the club.

Hi, I am Alex Tabb and I have been a member of the club for 12 years. You may not have seen my face for a good few months as I am injured but I am still there in the background.
Been on the committee for several years helping with the male to female ratio though the men are still winning! I used to be treasurer but stepped down when my youngest daughter was born to become a ex officio.
In the past when running I helped to lead training groups and the group B marathon runs. I have also arranged a team for the up and coming Tough Mudder event (although I think I am being cursed as I arranged a team now may not be able to run)
I love the club, it has become my family (literally) I really hope I am back running with everyone soon

Hi, I am Helen Johnson. I have been a member of the club for about four years now, and joined the committee last year. I can usually be seen at club runs on Monday and Friday, down the track on Wednesday, and long runs on Sunday. That's right, I do not have a life outside of running ! Thanks to the club, I have participated in many different events, including a 24 hour team endurance race and several marathons. It is only with the support of the other members that I have managed to achieve any of my goals. We are lucky to belong to the friendliest club in the area, and I am proud of our inclusiveness, and support for beginner runners. I love putting on my club kit for races, and enjoy looking out for the familiar green hoodies on arriving at an event. I was also responsible for the 'sneery deer' on the back of the anniversary kit. I would love to continue on the committee, helping support the running of the club, and representing the views of the senior ladies.

Hi. I am Nigel Jackson and I joined the club in 2008 after training and running the previous years London Marathon. Since then, I've enjoyed being an active member participating in numerous events and being a big flag waver for runs such as The Grizzly, Beachy Head Marathon and TVXC, with the social side of these races being an added bonus.
Leading some of the clubs training, social runs when the opportunity arises has always been good fun ,especially dealing with the banter when your route goes awry.
In the last few years the average age of BF Runners
has come down quite a bit so the feeling of when I joined, of being maybe a younger member,I'm now working harder (when fit) to keep up with the younger members . Which means the club is going in the right direction . I became a member of the committee two years ago and I view my role as more on the practical side assisting with our races,course marking , purchasing equipment and general club humping( although in BFR that comment could be misinterpreted ). I would love to continue in my role and represent all members especially the longer standing members because it's those that made this club what it is.

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Mike Sankey

Hi, I'm Mike Sankey - I've been with BFR since May 2010, joining after a succussful Bracknell Half Marathon. I've now been on the committee 2 years in the role of PR officer - Working with local press, and on various forms of social media and also contributing a number of photos from races when injured, which has been most of the time.

I started the ubiquitous green hooded tops, and hope to soon be getting tracksuit bottoms going to further represent the club. I've also helped out with a number of the memntoes, including the famous/infamous Forest Five Soap, water bottle, coaster and this years (It's a secret!)

I've been coaching at track for a time now also along with my fellow coaches, and I can honestly say it's a superb club, and I hope I can help it prosper, evolve and take new members, along with existing members, smoothly and happily along as we expand.