Track Schedule

BFR's current track schedule:

24 Oct 2018 - (A/B/C) Yasso efforts (Marathon time)
This weeks track session is 40 minutes of Yasso efforts

Developed by Bert Yasso as part of a marathon training plan it is designed to recreate your target marathon pace on the track in 800m efforts
This breakdowns as follows

3 hour marathon = 3 minutes for 800m effort
3:30 marathon = 3:30 minutes
4:00 = 4:00 minutes
5:00 = 5:00 minutes
And everything in between
The intention is to try and complete every Yasso at your intended pace so if you are heading for a 4 hour marathon you need to complete each lap in 2 minutes

Try to complete each effort at the same pace and there is a minutes rest between each effort