Track Schedule

BFR's current track schedule:

18 Oct 2017 - 400m efforts
Dynamic group warm up

30 minutes of 400m efforts in pairs
Ie one of the pair runs effort
whilst the other one rests

Group stretching at end

25 Oct 2017 - Lactic threshold
Group dynamic warm up

14 x 1 minute effort 1 minute jog
30 minute timed session
Group Stretching at the end

01 Nov 2017 - (A/B/C) Yasso efforts (Marathon time)
This weeks track session is 40 minutes of Yasso efforts

Developed by Bert Yasso as part of a marathon training plan it is designed to recreate your target marathon pace on the track in 800m efforts
This breakdowns as follows

3 hour marathon = 3 minutes for 800m effort
3:30 marathon = 3:30 minutes
4:00 = 4:00 minutes
5:00 = 5:00 minutes
And everything in between
The intention is to try and complete every Yasso at your intended pace so if you are heading for a 4 hour marathon you need to complete each lap in 2 minutes

Try to complete each effort at the same pace and there is a minutes rest between each effort


08 Nov 2017 - Stamina test
Dynamic warm up

4x3 minutes of effort 1 min easy inbetween
4x4 minutes of effort 1 min easy inbetween

Group stretching to finish